• New WorkDocs web experience

    Working closely with our customers, the Amazon WorkDocs web application has been redesigned to give you a file collaboration and management experience that makes it easier for you to organize your files and collaborate with others. It’s more intuitive, with one-click access to common features like editing, locking and unlocking files. By focusing on clear work areas, straightforward navigation, and intuitive controls, your content moves to the forefront.

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  • WorkDocs Drive for WorkSpaces

    Today we’re announcing the release of WorkDocs Drive for users of the Amazon WorkSpaces service. WorkDocs Drive provides a modern way of accessing all of a user’s WorkDocs files, without taking up space on the local drive. Since WorkDocs Drive appears as a mounted drive for Windows, customers can access all of their cloud content using the familiar File Explorer.

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  • Favorite Files: Your most important docs at your fingertips

    Everyone has their own way of managing and finding the files they work on. Some of us put everything in a single folder and depend on search to find what we need. Others will create elaborate folder hierarchies in order to easily find things. Frequent collaborators will search across shared files using the powerful search capabilities in the WorkDocs activity feed. We’ve now added a new way to help you easily find the files you’re looking for no matter your organizational preference: you can now favorite files, and they’ll always be one click away.

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  • New and Improved WorkDocs Sync Client Experience

    WorkDocs Sync Client provides native experience on Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder for users to create, view and update their WorkDocs content. As the number of team using WorkDocs increases, the content users’ collaborate on and upload to their WorkDocs cloud storage has been increasing exponentially. This growth has led to situations where limited local storage on user’s Windows or Mac computer is impacting her ability to access the documents she needs to do her job. To address these limitations, WorkDocs had introduced a feature called “Selective Sync” which users can configured via the WorkDocs Sync Client settings. Intention with “Selective Sync” feature was to allow users to only sync the content that is important for tasks at hand on that machine and do not fill-up the local disk space with all their WorkDocs content.

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  • Share a link: an easy way to share files

    We are excited to introduce new sharing experience in WorkDocs that enables a simpler way for users to share files using links.

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  • Collaboration is now easier with Amazon WorkDocs file lock and unlock

    We have an exciting new feature to announce: File lock and unlock. It’s a great feature because it allows you to lock files for editing to make sure that no one overwrites your edits, without the need to coordinate changes with other collaborators.

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  • Video - How to Set Up an Amazon WorkDocs Site and Use its Administration Features

    Learn how to create and manage an Amazon WorkDocs site. In this video, we overview the setup process for an Amazon WorkDocs site, and show key administration features that allow you to manage access to your organization’s content and manage your users.

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  • Video - Amazon WorkDocs: How to Use the Amazon WorkDocs Sync Application

    Learn how to download, install, and use the Amazon WorkDocs Sync application to access your files and folders from the Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder view. In this video, we describe key features of the Amazon WorkDocs sync application, including how to view the status of your files and how to set which files and folders to sync to your local device.

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  • Video - Amazon WorkDocs: How to Use Key Collaboration Features

    Learn how to use key collaboration features on Amazon WorkDocs. In this video, we review a rich set of commenting features, like replying to and sending comments privately, that allow you to have a conversation-style discussion on your files and manage collaboration tasks without leaving the application.

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  • Video - Amazon WorkDocs: How to Add, Share Files and Folders, and Set Access Permissions

    Learn how to add and share files and folders on Amazon WorkDocs, and set permissions to control file and folder access.

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  • Video - Store and Collaborate on Content with WorkDocs

    File sync and share applications have become a cornerstone of collaboration in modern organizations; securing and managing content is an ongoing challenge. Amazon WorKDocs is a fully managed, secure file storage and sharing service with strong administrative controls and feedback capabilities. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how you can use Amazon WorkDocs to manage files and secure content, and show you how we’re shaping Amazon WorkDocs to be a full-fledged productivity tool for users. We’ll also present a technical overview of the WorkDocs SDKs, and how they allow you to use existing IT tools for antivirus protection, data loss prevention, analystics, and more.

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Launch Announcements

Date Announcement
Amazon WorkDocs Adds Additional Capabilities To Manage Your Feedback
Amazon WorkDocs Drive Is Now Available for Microsoft Windows in Preview
Amazon WorkDocs Makes It Easier to Collaborate with Third Parties
Amazon WorkDocs Now Makes It Easier to Edit Your Files When Using the Web Client
The Amazon WorkDocs Activity Feed Now Allows Administrators to Track Actions in their WorkDocs Site
Amazon WorkSpaces users can now use Amazon WorkDocs Drive
The Amazon WorkDocs SDK now supports OAuth 2.0 for user authorization in third party applications
Amazon WorkDocs Makes it Easy to Share Content with Anyone using Share a Link
Amazon WorkDocs Achieves HIPAA Eligibility and PCI DSS Compliance
Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK adds APIs to access and update metadata, tags, and comments
Amazon WorkDocs now supports file lock and unlock when you’re editing content
Amazon WorkDocs iOS App Now Lets You Save Files Directly to WorkDocs, and Open Files Stored in Your WorkDocs Account Using Other Apps on Your Device
Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK is now generally available
Amazon WorkDocs adds Activity Feed to help keep track of comments and changes to your files
[AWS Blog] Amazon WorkDocs Adds Additional Rich Commenting Capabilities
Amazon WorkDocs Adds Additional Rich Commenting Capabilities
Amazon WorkDocs sync client update makes it easier to free up local storage space, and offers improved sync performance
Amazon WorkDocs increases default storage to 1TB, enhances commenting, and updates sync clients
[AWS Blog] Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK is now in public preview
Amazon WorkDocs Administrative SDK is now in public preview
Amazon WorkDocs Launches Redesigned Web Client With Improved Functionality
Amazon WorkDocs Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS Region and supports language localization
[AWS Blog] Share with groups and co-own documents with Amazon WorkDocs
Share with groups and co-own documents with Amazon WorkDocs
Amazon WorkDocs Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Singapore) AWS Region
Amazon Zocalo is now Amazon WorkDocs
Amazon Zocalo available in Sydney
Amazon Zocalo supports 5TB files and makes phone apps available
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now available for Amazon Zocalo
Amazon Zocalo is now Available to All Customers
Introducing Amazon Zocalo